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By offering personal growth and motivation consulting services to schools, businesses, and community organizations, Bodhi’s Light positively impacted over 1200+ students in 4 countries and 10 schools from 2014-17

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A Journey from
Darkness to Light 

Helping a Generation Discover Their InnerLight

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and see myself as a solutionist (creating collaborative solutions) as well as an activist. I founded my first social enterprise called Bodhi’s Light LLC in grade six after winning a Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Grant and graduating from the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in grade 9.


My goal is to improve the lives of young people by teaching them tools and frameworks to discover their InnerLight: building a strong body, calm mind and vibrant spirit for planetary wellbeing. This is how I overcame fear, anxiety, and depression. This is needed today more than ever before as 7 in 10 youth experience climate anxiety and stress.

What I share with the world is a transformational toolbox that I co-created from my own journey, rooted in the interconnectedness of environmental and human health.

These tools and frameworks stem from our shared connection to Mother Nature through breath. Every half breath we take comes from the ocean; the other half from forests on land. Sea and Forests together, for one full breath. It's simple, In nurturing nature, nurture nurtures us. 


My childhood social enterprise has grown into an international movement called InnerLight. Since 2014, I have educated hundreds of thousands of people across the globe about InnerLight, through workshops, conferences, media content, and community building.

The ocean-climate-biodiversity crisis is an opportunity to radically transform human relations with nature through intergenerational collaboration and solution-building. I am doing that now as the Founder & CEO of InnerLight, co-founder of One World Breath, co-creator of Ocean Uprise, and advisor to a suite of climate companies.


I want to continue accelerating ocean-climate action by empowering my generation to unlock their superpowers through InnerLight.  Follow my lifelong journey! 

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