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Wisdom Keepers


Get to Know Us

The Indigenous Wisdom Keepers Delegation is an ancestrally rooted community of 13 traditional knowledge keepers from 6 continents dedicated to restoring planetary wellbeing. Despite forced erasure through colonialism, racism, and violence alongside a myriad of socio-economic-ecological threats the planet faces, the Wisdom Keepers are bringing back ancient wisdom rooted in Indigenous practices to enact contemporary solutions. Being holistic by nature, this group of new-age climate avengers embraces a mission to transcend the turbulent chaos of the Anthropocene and guide the world forward to bring back a pre-colonial equilibrium with biodiversity rooted in ancient ways of living. 

COP 28 Keynote Talks

Rather than imposing ourselves as arbitrary leaders, we stand humbly as individuals in the community, nurtured by the wisdom passed down through our diverse Indigenous traditions, attuned to the needs of our communities, and untainted by the will of nongovernmental organizations.

Wisdom Keepers Policy Document

Collective Impact 

Bodhi started his first company InnerLight to increase human wellbeing and climate resilience at the age of 13 after graduating from the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. In the 4 years since receiving his honours high school diploma and starting university, he has shared InnerLight solutions in over 10 countries, spoken to over five thousand environmental leaders, co-created 5 new ocean-climate initiatives, inspired investment, and reached millions of people across generations through social media platforms.


*All of this has prepared me for the journey with the Wisdom Keepers global family throughout COP28 and beyond to future events and world-changing activations. If you would like to support our delegation, please reach out directly!


Discovering Global Identity 

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